Election Statement from Yes on 7A for Our Water Campaign

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

“We are thrilled that voters within the St. Vrain and Left Hand Conservancy District have chosen to protect clean water and healthy forests and rivers. This is an exciting outcome for our community and the District,” said Jessie Olson, Executive Director of the Left Hand Watershed Center. “We have seen the impacts of a changing climate this year including drought and record-setting wildfires. We thank the voters and the many volunteers who helped make this possible and ensured that we can support our communities.”

Wildfire recovery, Healthy Forests and Rivers and Clean Water Supported by Ballot Question 7A

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Written by Christopher Smith, General Manager Left Hand Water District, Board Member of the St. Vrain and Left Hand Water Conservancy District and Board President of the Left Hand Watershed Center.

This past weekend, two fires started and are impacting our community, the Calwood Fire and the Lefthand Canyon Fire. I want to extend my thoughts and prayers to those who have lost their homes and those who have been evacuated...

I also want to thank our first responders – not only the firefighters who have worked tirelessly to protect our community, but also others who have stepped up to keep us safe and have ensured water continues to flow to fight the fires. The immediate and long-term impacts of these fires are significant. Today, we must work together to protect our community and those who have lost homes in these fires. Both fires, particularly the Lefthand Canyon Fire, are burning close to the creeks that provide us with safe drinking water.

As soon as the fires are out, we need to be ready to begin post-fire recovery work, which includes restoring our river corridors and ensuring our water supplies continue to be clean and reliable. Protecting our communities and water supplies from the impacts of these two fires – and mitigating future fires requires funding. Today, we lack the resources at a local level to undertake many of these activities. Many of the resources available to assist us in disaster recovery are managed at a state or federal level, with strings attached and are meant for emergency response, not long-term resilience. However, this November, we have an opportunity to increase local funding for the St. Vrain and Left Hand Water Conservancy District that would go directly toward activities like post-wildfire recovery and pre-wildfire mitigation work to protect us from future wildfires.

Ballot question 7A will fund the District’s 5-Point Water Action Plan that will protect forests that are critical to water supplies, restore and maintain our healthy rivers and creeks and safeguard and conserve the quality of our drinking water. Additionally, this new funding can be used to leverage other existing funding sources that will amplify and get greater assistance for the important work we are able to do to protect our watershed and ensure our forests are healthy for generations to come. The St. Vrain and Left Hand Water Conservancy District has been and will continue working tirelessly to protect our clean water and healthy rivers and creeks. Wildfires will never go away, but we can do more together as a community to prepare for their impacts and protect ourselves and our water supplies. Vote Yes on 7A!

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