5 Point Action Plan

A vote for 7A ensures multi-benefit projects that will provide uses for all water users. To withstand future water system pressures, more needs to be done. St. Vrain and Left Hand Water Conservancy District developed a 5-point Action Plan that incorporates multi-benefit projects and ensures our water quality and quantity are protected. In order to scale up and have a significant positive impact for future generations, funding is necessary for these kinds of projects.

Yes on 7A will fund projects that benefit our local creeks

Here’s what your neighbors think of Question 7A:

“Threats to our water quality and supply are increasing. The District’s Water Plan addresses these threats and new revenue will allow the District to leverage additional funding from private partners to meet those threats more quickly. The requested tax would sunset (expire) after 10 years, allowing voters the ability to evaluate the benefits of the District’s work and decide on the value of any tax extension. Proactive creek improvements and wildfire mitigation are far less costly than reactive disaster recovery, and the District currently lacks funding for this essential work. This measure provides substantial community benefit at a very reasonable cost.” – Male Longmont Resident

“The 2020 wildfires and 2013 flood are reminders of how vulnerable our forests and water supplies are to disaster. This small tax can be used to make our community and watersheds more resilient to these severe events. Our quality of life benefits from this life-giving valley where St. Vrain and Left Hand Creeks run through it. With a plan that includes efforts to improve fish habitat and increase water availability for local food, this tax fits perfectly with our community values.” –Female Lyons Resident

“For an annual investment of just $9 per $100,000 in property value, we can generate funding to ensure high quality, sustainable water supplies. This money will be spent in OUR basin that provides OUR water supply. Our community does not currently have a dedicated source of funds to protect and enhance this critical life sustaining element — our water.” – Female Unincorporated Larimer County Resident

“Previous generations invested in water. Those investments are one of the reasons this area is such a tremendous place to live and work. The District has put forward a vision for selfless, regional solutions that provide for a desired future that we can all benefit from now and into the future. It is our time to invest in water. This is a tax I can finally support.” – Male Unincorporated Weld County Resident

“It becomes increasingly important to protect and preserve our natural resources, especially in years like this as our changing climate deals Colorado a severe drought situation. Forward thinking 7A delivers a plan to reduce the demand for water thereby ‘stretching’ one of our most important resources to homeowners and farmers alike. With its first modest tax increase in 50 years the St. Vrain and Left Hand Water Conservancy District’s 7A will help preserve one of our most important natural resources, water.” – Male Unincorporated Boulder County

Yes on 7A For Our Water
Vote 7A for St. Vrain and Left Hand Water